Space for Founders

Elements of the programme

A maximum of 6 founders are selected for each programme and encouraged to work together in workshops, on individual assignments and accelerated learning journeys. A full-time desk is provided 24/7 and space is held for founders to grow their businesses and develop to their best possible potential.

  • Weekly one-on-one meeting with mentors
  • Facilitated weekly developmental session in group
  • Fortnightly customised workshop
  • Coaching and shadowing sessions
  • One-on-one learning journeys
  • Mindfulness practice and embodiment exercises
  • Founders are encouraged to contribute and learn from one another

Fees and generosity policy

Founders will need to provide funding of EUR 1.500,00 (plus taxes) per month. Generosity is offered through a wide range of options for participants with limited means. The programme  price should not be an obstacle, just send an email and we will work with you to find options.

Easy application

Our programme is open to founders of early-stage startups, whose purpose is to be in a company from which wealth and diversity can emerge. The application process is informal and personal. Preferably, founders will approach us to express their interest by email, follow that up with a short phone interview to set up a first face-to-face meeting in Cologne.

So what’s the intention?

The initial idea of offering a residency programme for founders came from experiencing the challenges of building and maintaining relationships between founders and investors during the early startup phase. Therefore, this programme emphasis regular dialogue and exchange between all stakeholders involved, allowing the experience of trust and transparency to be an integral part of the ongoing value creation process.

Then there is the nitty-gritty stuff, which founders also have to get done. Founders receive the support and assistance they require, whether it’s in cutting through administrative red tape, making sense of legal issues, setting up contractual agreements or negotiating with stakeholders, even to securing ongoing funding. Founders are empowered to experience and learn, from each other, from those who have been where they are going and even from those who offer innovative ideas that have not yet been tested.