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Our Approach

In essence, our approach consists of three steps that have proven to be effective in practical work with our clients:

1. Exploration - What is it about?
2. Intervention - What can we do together?
3. Integration - How do we create effectiveness?

1. Exploration

Each project begins with a non-judgmental observation of the situation and a reconciliation of all realities. Only when all perspectives and interests have been addressed, understood and reflected upon, is there an actionable basis for the development of possible next steps towards.

2. Intervention

On the basis of exploration, we develop tailor-made intervention formats with the aim of creating a safe space in which the insights of the individual can be brought together in a group process. This summative intelligence then enables the joint development of suitable solution steps.

3. Integration

The solution steps developed together in the intervention must then be integrated sustainably and effectively at the organizational level. We accompany this process and thus create the basis for entrepreneurial success.

Our Clients

We are convinced that the quality of relationships among all stakeholders is critical to any company's success. That is why we support entrepreneurs, founders and investors in collaborating and thus create the necessary conditions for successful businesses. Our intervention design makes use of circles, workshops, coaching methods and our consulting experience.

Business Owners

relating with their executives and staff members.


relating with their investors and co-founders.


relating to their founders and co-investors.

What are you not saying that needs to be said?
What’s being said that you’re not hearing?
What are you saying that’s not being heard?

What's the secret to creating successful business relationships?

What's the secret to creating successful business relationships?

We have often observed business owners, founders and investors spending considerable time and money on creating legally binding contractual agreements before actually embarking on their mutual journey.

Our own pratical experience has led us to believe firmly that the success-determining factors are established as a result of the ongoing collaboration, well before, but especially after any contracts have been signed. These contracts are no doubt useful, but they do tend to distract from the necessity to align and reassess the framework of collaboration, not continuously, but definitely on a regularly basis. Whenever this requirement is not met, conflicts start to smoulder in different places until they merge into a fire, depriving the business from the air it needs to breath. Only when conflicts and differences in opinions are clearly addressed, accepted and processed, can businesses establish the relationships prerequisite for success, both on an individual level and for the venture as a whole.

Successful entrepreneurship requires a high level of awareness from individuals and a keen sense for the quality of relationships.

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