Supporting Founders, Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Providing resources and holding space for founders, leaders and entrepreneurs, developing to the highest possible aspects of our selves.
Space for<br>Founders

Space for

... do whatcha like:

6 months programme for early stage founders

Authenticity<br>for Leaders

for Leaders

... something like a phenomenon:

Facilitated peer groups, coaching and shadowing

Legacy for<br>Entrepreneurs

Legacy for

... the world is yours:

Letting-go strategies for owners and shareholders

 The story behind ...

The story behind ...

... is the story of Peter Rost, beginning in Germany, England and America, with continued excursions to many different nations. His story is founded on the belief that basic human wisdom, including business acumen, does not belong to any one culture or management tradition. It is the results of individual responsibility, willingness to contribute and ongoing personal development.

All programmes build on an understanding of leadership that assumes communality in performance, appreciation in collaboration, as well as mindfulness towards oneself and others: Convergent Model of Leadership.

The spaces we hold

Off-site locations per request<br><br>On-site if you wish
Off-site locations per request

On-site if you wish
Visit uns in Cologne<br><br>25 Genter Street, Belgium Quarters
Visit uns in Cologne

25 Genter Street, Belgium Quarters
Mobile Coaching<br><br>Learning Journeys
Mobile Coaching

Learning Journeys


"Leadership is an influence relationship among leaders and followers,
who intend real changes that reflect their mutual purposes."
Joseph C. Rost - Leadership for the Twenty-First Century